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Painted & Electrical Insulation of Coils

Painted Electrical Insulation of Coils & Strips
Painted Electrical Insulation of Coils & Strips

Versatility and value is brought to an ever-changing market when it comes to the systems and dedicated tools used to combine an impossible request. I.e. Anodized foil, sub .002" thick, with a pretreated surface for electrical enhancement, with the anodized foil surface for an exaggerated surface prep, ultimately needing to be coated with an epoxy based high heat cured resin with and interleave for turn to turn isolation.

At the forefront, is this reasonable request considering the time and your limited budget and how to develop a single source that can achieve such a staggering series of requirements; Ano-Mag is just that source and accommodating multilayer process and procedure is a common theme in out insulation of coils.

Merging the continuous in-line anodizing process and our horizontal painting and curing oven system Ano-Mag can accomplish any combination of pre-and post-finishes with foil and thin gauge coil substrates as a cornerstone of our market. Along with the electrical insulation benefits of epoxy and varnish enhancement of any surface, it comes down to the prep. Dedicated rollers and custom fabricated compounds for roller surface applications, the application and continual repetitiveness of coating will greatly enhance any immediate specification with reliability and one-source dependability.

Painted aluminum foil and coil also derive from the same serviceability with this dedicated system. Able to coat and substrate, Ano-Mag will enhance any surface, visual or applied theory for a dedicated application or a unique version of an OEM's future goals, with the same dedication we apply to all our coil processing techniques.

Panted and insulated Coil applications

  • High Heat electrical
  • Voice Coil and foil
  • Encapsulated coil surface
  • Potted Coil and Strip
  • Magnet winding
  • Movie and Photography
  • Lighting
  • Stamping
  • Roll forming