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Magnet Winding & Finishing

As a leader in anodized strip coil manufacturing, our team at Ano-Mag offers complete winding and lead connection of magnetic coil prior to customer installation. We can wind anodized magnetic strip to exact customer requirements in inner diameter, outer diameter, length, weight, and resistance. All finished coils include leads that are fully taped and secured, including coil surfaces, and then banded with straps for additional security. Our process uses a custom built, electronically controlled, automated tensioning and winding system that distributes equal tension across the full course of wound coil. This procedure, along with our banding and finishing services, will eliminate coil processing upon arrival at a customer's shop so that it is prepped and ready according to their requirements.

We bring over 15 years of coil winding and finishing services for lifting and separating magnetic systems. Our system is capable of handling EC Grade 1350 Aluminum with dimensions between .0015 in to .050 in thick and coil widths between 1 in to 9 in at a measured resistance of ±5 % ohms. All coils are mill finished and fully anodized prior to winding and banding, with an insulation inspection process that includes Ohms metering checks per length and weight. Our coils undergo high heat application processes to improve thermal stability, current flow, and as a preventative measure for breakdown or shorts during the lifecycle of the coil. To learn more about our magnet winding and finishing services, please contact us directly or refer to the table below.


Capabilities Applied / Processes
Primary: Wind Anodized Magnet Strip to Specific Inner Diameter / Outer Diameter, Length, Weight and Resistance
Secondary: Apply Coil Leads, Tape and Secure, Fully Tape Coil Surface and Band with Strap to Secure
Equipment Used to Manufacture Parts
Custom built automated tensioning and winding station with fully electronic control of payoff and re-wind to create a constant and equal tension over course of wound coil.
15 years in Coil Winding and Manufacturing Business
Coil Thickness
.0015 to .050 in
Coil Width
1 to 9 in
Tightest Tolerance (±)
5 % Ohms Resistance
Materials Used
EC Grade 1350 Aluminum
Material Finish
Mill Finish Fully Anodized Magnet Strip
In Process Testing / Inspection Performed
Ohms Meter Check per Coil Length and Weight
Industry for Use
Lifting and Separating magnet Systems
Production Volume
1 to 1,000,000 Magnet units
Turnaround Time
2 to 4 weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
Wind Anodized Magnetic Coils
Additional Facts
10 years Warranty

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