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In-Line Foil Applications of BR 127 Corrosion Inhibitor

BR 127 Corrosion Inhibitor
BR 127 Corrosion Inhibitor

With 15 years of experience in coil coating processes and systems, our team at Ano-Mag offers coil and foil coating using BR 127 corrosion inhibitor. We are capable of ensuring .001 in to .010 in coating thickness (.00015 in tolerances) for up to 24 in. in width using our in-line coil coating system. BR 127 offers a coated yellow finish while also helping to repel corrosion on Aluminum surfaces.

Our in-line coil application system applies BR 127 to exact customer specifications and according to the application procedures specified by Cytec Engineering, the manufacturer of BR 127. Using Isoscopic and wet gauge inspection, we ensure that BR 127 is applied to the exact surface thickness required by the customer. Once applied, we re-wind the coil back to customer specifications, interleaving each layer with acid free paper and placed in crates for additional protection.

We've performed in-line coil coating using BR 127 for multiple applications and industries worldwide including general lamination, Defense, Aerospace, and Manufacturing. Our facility can process up to 1,000 lb per month with a 4 weeks turnaround time. To learn more about using BR 127 corrosion inhibitor for in-line coil coating, please contact us directly for more information.


Capabilities Applied / Processes
Primary: Coil Coating of BR 127 Corrosion Inhibitor on Coil and Foil
Secondary: Re-Wind Coil to Customer Required Lengths, Interleave with Acid Free Paper and Crated for Protection
Equipment Used to Manufacture Parts
In-Line Coil Coater
15 years in Coil Coating Business
Coil Thickness
.001 to .010 in
Coil Width
24 in
Tightest Tolerance (±)
0.00015 in Coating Thickness
Materials Used
BR 127 Corrosion Inhibitor / Aluminum Foil
Material Finish
BR 127 Coated Yellow Finish
In Process Testing / Inspection Performed
Isoscope Test and Wet Gauge Coating Tester
Industry for Use
Production Volume
Up to 1,000 lb per month
Turnaround Time
4 weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Cytec Engineering Application Requirements
Product Name
BR 127 Corrosion Inhibitors
Additional Facts
Prevents Corrosion on Aluminum Surface