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Continuous Coil Coating of Aluminum Foil

Coil Coating of Aluminum Foil
Coil Coating of Aluminum Foil

Our Black Foil, also known as Cinefoil or "Black Wrap", is an Aluminum foil coated with a matte black paint finish on both sides, then cured and rolled onto cores. Used in the Lighting, Film, and Studio industries, Black Foil's matte finish helps absorb reflective light from natural or manufactured sources. For over 15 years, our expertise in coil coating application systems allows us to produce and distribute Black Foil in rolled lengths of 12 in x 25 ft and 12 in x 50 ft coils.

We use an in-line coil coater to apply the black paint, cure the material in an infrared baking oven, and then coil the Aluminum using one of our rewind stations. We're capable of producing Aluminum foil as thin as .002 in and as wide as 24 in (custom sizing and lengths are also available) with a tolerance of ±.001 in.

Our Black Foil is inspected using wet coating gauges to ensure accurate surface thickness. Customers interested in volume purchasing can also order custom printed packaging for resale based on their design requirements. We are a local Los Angeles supplier who can supply up to 5,000 rolls a month with a 24 hours turnaround time and offer free delivery for volume orders. To learn more about Black Foil or our continuous coil coating services for Aluminum foil, please contact us directly for more information.


Capabilities Applied / Processes
Primary: Coil painting of aluminum foil with a matte black paint both sides, cured and rolled onto cores for use in the light and film industry.
Secondary: Rolled lengths of 12 in X 25 ft and 12 in X 50 ft coils
Equipment Used to Manufacture Parts
In-Line Coil Coater
Infrared Baking Oven and Rewind Station
15 years in Coil Coating Application Systems
Coil Thickness
0.002 in
Coil Width
24 in
Tightest Tolerance (±)
.001 in
Materials Used
Aluminum Foil
Material Finish
Flat Black matte Finish without Reflective Quality
In Process Testing / Inspection Performed
Wet Coating Gauge
Industry for Use
Film and Expendables
Production Volume
5,000 Rolls a month
Turnaround Time
24 hours
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
In-House Quality
Product Name
Black Foils
Additional Facts
Custom Lengths Available
Custom Packaging Available