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Continuous Coil Chemical Film

Continuous Coil Chemical Film
Continuous Coil Chemical Film

For over 15 years at Ano-Mag, we've performed continuous coil/foil chemical film applications for series 1100-7000 Aluminum alloys. We work with coil dimensions ranging from .0015in. to .050in. thickness and .125in. to 24in. width. Our chemical film bath, deionization rinse, and heat curing systems give us a unique ability to work with material dimensions that typically cannot be performed using conventional methods.

Primarily used for the pre-painted or laminated coil manufacturing industries, our process includes chemical films for aluminum alloys and single stage continuous coil lengths. We offer color applications for protection, in Chem-Film Gold and Clear, using a smooth and continuous coil process without void of coating. All chemical film processes are performed to exact customer specifications, including MIL-C-5541 upon request.

We've served clients worldwide with continuous coil chemical film applications using aluminum alloys. Our veteran team can work with volumes up to 1,000,000lb. within a 2-to-4 week lead time. To learn more about our chemical films for aluminum alloy coils, please review the table below, or contact us directly.


Capabilities Applied / Processes
Primary: Chemical Films for Aluminum Alloys
Secondary: Continuous Coil Length Single Stage Process
Equipment Used to Manufacture Parts
Chemical Film Bath
Deionization Rinse Tank
Heat Curing Systems
15 years in Chemical Film Application
Coil Thickness
.0015 to .050 in
Coil Width
.125 to 24 in
Tightest Tolerance (±)
.0001 in
Materials Used
1100 Series Aluminum Alloy
3000 Series Aluminum Alloy
5000 Series Aluminum Alloy
6000 Series Aluminum Alloy
7000 Series Aluminum Alloy
Material Finish
Chemical Film Gold / Clear
Industry for Use
Pre-Painted or Laminated Coil Manufacturing
Production Volume
1 to 1,000,000 lb
Turnaround Time
2 to 4 weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Product Name
Aluminum Coil Chemical Films