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Coil Conversion Services

Aspects of coil and strip manufacturing have a unique set of conditions and exact permeates that enhance any down line process while eliminating the very need to proceed with post conversion and single stage bath type finishes. As with most OEM parts and pieces of significant quantity the need to manufacture the part and then outsource the "conversion" through a dedicated vendor can be eliminated by Ano-Mag and the pre-production capabilities in coil conversion coatings.

Aerospace, stamping, roll-forming, direct die punch, identification marking, adhesive applications and dedicated small system output's benefit from the repetitive and single source solutions no other company can offer. With a range of chemical immersion finishes and tank configurations suitable for a small batch run to filling a government contract, Ano-Mag is positioned to offer any source sided requirement with JIT delivery and repetitive service order after order.

Fully integrated into each coil conversion is the unique bath and tank system that can be altered not only in the physical alignment, it also serves as staging for any pre/post finishes required in fulfilling the client's integral specifications. Ano-Mag makes every effort to create a single point of service eliminating the usual collective of vendors that all specialize in one but not all areas of conversion.

In Line Services
  • Slitting of Coil .00075" to .125"
  • Edge conditioning/Burr removal
  • Pre-Clean oil removal and degrease
  • Etch and hydroxide wash
  • Anodizing (TYII/TYIII) CL 1 & 2
  • Chemical Film (ChemFilm) Gold & Clear
  • Surface Prep and adhesive base formation

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